Calendula officinalis

I always liked Calendula - I remember it from my grandparents' garden. The color is what got me. It was so orange that I had to squint my eyes when I looked at it for too long. To my little eyes it was like a daisy except much, much better.   I asked my grandfather... Continue Reading →

Orange Cinnamon Body Scrub Recipe

I got this recipe from Klaudyna Hebda and her amazing blog - it's the first body scrub I tried and was surprised how moisturizing it is! I changed it a little bit to fit the ingredients I happened to have. I didn't have orange oil but had amazing orange and cinnamon oil. So I went... Continue Reading →

From the Garden in a Heat Wave

The past few day have been exhausting - a constant cycle of heat, humidity and storms. I was almost scared to go into the garden today because I expected half of it to be uprooted and destroyed by wind and rain. But, amazingly there was no damage at all. I have hit a strange time... Continue Reading →

Eupatorium cannabinum

Hemp Agrimony, or Holy Rope Sadziec Konopiasty Eupatorium cannabinum¬† Hemp Agrimony is a beautiful butterfly attracting plant. It grows in large clumps at the edge of lakes, slow streams, and damp meadows. It always makes me think of the most perfect, idyllic summer. Warm wind blowing, butterflies swirling in the air, a breeze on the... Continue Reading →

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